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Do You Support Erasing Student-Loan Debt?
by Causes
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  • Charlotte
    Voted Oppose

    No, I absolutely do not believe that we should just erase student debts from college or trade schools. First of all our nation cannot afford it, and people that meaning my own children had school debt they repaid. They appreciate that no one had to pay their way, they know they EARNED IT!!!! It is not the tax payers responsibility to pay those who chose to go and get an education. You want quality education, you are going to have to pay for it. Why do people think they should go through life having everything handed over to them for FREE. They want FREE Healthcare, Free Education, Free this, free that. Learning we are accountable and have a responsibility to help ourselves is part of gaining confidence in oneself and learning to be responsible. This is just another carrot the Democrats are throwing out there hoping it will swing votes their way. Our country cannot afford to do everything Democrats are saying they want to do for FREE!!!! This mindset is a head on collision ending in disaster for our country economically. Wakeup People!

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