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Read & Comment on the Mueller Report - Live Updates
by Causes
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  • Adrienne
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    I believe the investigation is incomplete and the GOP/Rosenstein ties Mueller’s hands. Barr role is suspect! Seriously suspicious! Release the unredacted report. I trust Bob Mueller. Rosenstein allowed himself to be used again by this administration. Stop playing with us release the full report to those cleared to see it. Cancel the appearance by Barr we’ve had enough of this life rope to trump. Subpoena Mueller now. Trump is at little Russia regrouping and rewriting the next stunt to manipulate the public. Russia interfered in the United States of America’s election. Let that sink in and this man kept calling for them to get those emails. The man lifted sanctions and then undid everything we’ve built as a nation for our sovereignty and as we unite with our allies. Congress restore our Democracy we’ve had enough of the lies, corruption and the Republicans turning a blind eye.

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