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New York Ends Religious Exemptions for Required Vaccines
by Causes
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  • Cecile
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    Parents who don't vaccinate their children need to be held accountable for their actions. Or rather their inaction when it comes to vaccines. We are seeing a rise in preventable diseases and it is putting the most vulnerable at risk. I know a family that has a child with no immune system because of leukemia. After the 40 hells that mother went through wondering if her daughter would live through the chemo and eventual bone marrow transplant, she is rightfully angry at the anti-vaccine parents who want to put her childs life at risk again simply because of a totally disproven, debunked study. And then there are the people who don't vaccinate on religious grounds, who say things such as, God will protect them and their children from these diseases. Erm, that's why God gave us intelligence, so we can learn ways to fight diseases and keep us from ever getting them again. Their arguments remind me of the story of the man in a flood. One day a man wakes up to discover his property is being flooded. His car is already waterlogged so he has no choice than to wait to be rescued. As the water rises a small boat with rescuers comes and urges him to get out. He's refused saying that God will save him the waters continue to rise and he has to move to the second floor of his house. Then a second boat with rescuers comes and urges him to evacuate. He refuses again saying that God will save him. The flood water rise higher and the man has to move to his roof. At this point a helicopter comes to rescue him and he refuses again saying that God will save him. The flood eventually overcomes the house and the man drowns. When his soul gets to heaven he marches up to God, who is surprised to see him, and demands to know why God didn't save him from the flood. God just looks at the man and says, "What do you call 2 boats and a helicopter!" Vaccines are our 2 boats and a helicopter when it comes to keeping those like my friend's daughter from getting preventable diseases because of their comprised or nonexistent immune systems. So making vaccines mandatory is a good move.


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