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The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Campaign Against the Electoral College
by The Daily Signal
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  • Gary
    Voted No

    The Electoral College was enacted by our founding fathers to add fairness to voting. Liberals want us to think the one man one vote concept is fair, but it is not. The present system does not need changing. Liberals want to tip the scale. For instance Hillary would have won because she garnered 3.5 million more votes in California. She would have WON because of California. The libs see this and this Is why they are clamoring for a change. No one state or area should be given more power than the other unless the population warrants it. The state of California receives one of the largest Elector counts. The Electoral College awards Electors based upon population. Winner take all. Voting is another reason the libs want open borders. They want to get more people who are addicted to the government bread line who will vote for them. In other words, one Obama phone, or cube of free cheese per vote! If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


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