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Georgia Governor Signs Ban on Abortions Once a Heartbeat is Detected - Do You Support the Policy?
by Causes
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  • S.

    Why are all these males so intent on controlling women’s bodies? There are a number of responses here. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s show some equity here and demand controls on men’s bodies. Death penalty for masturbation anyone? If men wanted to control abortion, they have only to look to themselves. Pregnancies don’t happen without input from men. Are you being responsible? Every time? What happens when birth control fails? What is this desire to control other ppl about? The most control we have is over ourselves. If you don’t want other ppl controlling you, don’t insist on controlling other ppl. Respect each other’s dignity/autonomy. Next. Refraining from fruitless efforts to control what you cannot/should not, will free you up for more productive use of your time.


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