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Maine Replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day - Should More States Follow?
by Causes
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  • Gail
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    Leif Eriksson made it to North America five hundred years before Columbus. The Native Americans were here before the Europeans. We need not be attached to Christopher Columbus. Let’s just celebrate Indigenous People, because they were oppressed by Europeans and are still struggling to get the U.S. government to honor the treaties that were signed by our government. Let’s finally give them a little respect. When you have that day off as a holiday, whatever it ends up being, tAke time to be grateful for whatever ancestors got you here to America. Then go out and vote in the Primaries. If we are ever going to send people to Congress who are willing to communicate, understand, brainstorm and compromise, then we have to vote for the right folks in the Primaries. Otherwise, by the time the main election comes, it is too late. History shows poor turnouts in primaries result in incumbents winning over and over again.

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