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ICE Arrests 280 in Largest Workplace Raid in a Decade
by Axios
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  • Deborah
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    Unscrupulous employers hire the illegals at a cheaper salary so they can increase their profits. This brings salaries down for everyone. This is happening in Ohio Mr. Portman. This is happening in Trumbull County Mr. Tim Ryan. Six months ago we put a new roof put on our house. The 10 workers were all Mexican and only one spoke English. Then we bought a new washer and dryer both of the delivery guys were foreigners one Mexican. A few months later, my daughter moved to Florida and all three of the mover men were foreigners one didn’t speak English, one spoke bad English and the driver tore up a lot of our property Because he couldn’t correctly drive the very large truck! I want to know where are the AMERICAN white men and the AMERICAN black men that used to do these jobs?? I doubt seriously that they have gone to school for another career. So where are they? What are they doing? Are they working for less? Build the wall.

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