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The DC: Trump says census without citizenship question is 'meaningless,' and... đź›  Do you support work requirements for food stamps?
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  • Chris

    Put the fucking question on the census! It’s the whole reason FOR the census. Either do it, or don’t waste the money on it at all! We want the citizen question on the census AND we want voter ID law. I can’t buy a cigar w/out ID,but it’s ok for someone to VOTE ON MY FUTURE, with NO ID? you must be nuts! Fix it, or we will fix YOU come 2020 Ps: to people like this ASSHOLE Karen, who says everyone should check the question to “show this admin” should know, this isn’t about this admin, Karen, you moron. Do you even know the purpose of the census? It determines HOW MUCH FEDERAL MONEY AND AID your area gets, for CITIZENS, so yeah dummy, you all check the box and watch your school tax TRIPLE, because it will show there aren’t any citizens in that area, and your funding will get CUT! So tired of these assholes, who don’t know SHIT about history or economics or why things exist, trying to hurt trump, without merit, at the expense of AMERICA!

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