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Do You Support Work Requirements for Food Stamps? – Deadline for Public Comment Is Today
by Causes
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  • Jonathon
    Voted Oppose

    Dear Representatives, I cannot in good faith support this legislation attempting to require food stamp recipients to work as the current financial income cut offs make it a zero some game for many low income or at risk individuals. This applies to many individuals both within and outside of Indiana that. As wages for labor continue to stagnate behind both inflation and corporate profit increases, the cost of living for low skilled labors will increase. This means that the lowest levels of our economy will have increasingly less economic power and mobility. At the current levels of government assistance it is more financially intelligent not to work and incure work related expenses. I propose that this is inherently problematic as no worker should have to function at an economic net loss or nearly break even. As I believe in the American exceptionalism and spirit that has for generations driven our citizens to innovate and better themselves when the opportunity was available. I also believe then that if people are not lifting themselves out of relying on the government the reason is not laziness or sloth. As such I believe that the opportunities to raise ones self out of lower income brackets is less apparent than one may think and that perhaps for people at this level a small bump in moderate income may actually expose them to further hardship. Personally, I would penalize corporations such as Walmart that have a well documented history of full time wage earners requiring governmental assistance. I believe this would raise wages at the bottom level of our economy to such a level where it may be profitable for citizens who have chosen to leave the workforce to return. Thank you for your consideration, Jonathan James Ward


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