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Trump Won’t Rule Out Pardoning Michael Flynn, Others – Would You Support Pardons?
by Causes
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  • Adrienne
    Voted No

    NO THEY SHOULD NOT BE PARDONED!!! Mueller, not Barr should be called into testify along with members of his team. We already see what Barr is capable of. NO MORE LIES, END THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION SWAPLAND CORRUPTION NOW!!! Tell America the TRUTH!!! They admitted their guilt because they are guilty. Only in Trumpland can you continue to bully your countrymen, cuddle up to our enemies, release their sanctions, and you yourself get away with the very thing you accuse others of that is TREASON, TRAITOR, LYING, GRIFTER, DUPING YOUR COUNTRY WHILE MAKING MONEY, ROBBING THE POOR GIVING TO THE RICH, TRY TO SILENCE THE MEDIA, TRYING TO HAVE A CHAIRMAN OF A COMMITTEE INVESTIGATING YOUR BELOVED RUSSIA hand carried out of his position that he was overwhelmingly elected to, yell fake news, manipulate the weak minded and remain in a job that RUSSIA helped you get. Yet no one seems to have a problem with it except oh 70% of Americans! Since you’ve been in office our ALLIES countries are also suffering because of your loud megaphone! Barr wasn’t right in The daddy Bush days so why do we expect a different result now! We all know Barr’s policy! Pardoning then doesn’t mean THEY didn’t commit crimes. Who is okay with a fellow citizen committing crimes with our foreign adversaries against our country? Make the case, your silence is no longer welcome. Mueller probe was upended by Barr. An idiot could see there are too many loose ends.

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