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This Week in Congress: Trying to Override Trump’s Veto & End His Border Emergency, Equal Pay, and the ‘Green New Deal’
by Causes
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  • Coreen
    Voted Sad

    Well they voted on the green deal and we see how that worked out! Not one Democrat voted for it! They voted present which is the equivalent of nay! They throw all the shit out there just to freak everybody out. As far as the border emergency, records are being broken every day this week on the amount of illegals arrested at the border. Over 3,000 a day. Which also means those that get through and don’t get arrested are also at record numbers. They’re going to break our social system. We cannot handle all these people. It is an emergency. And President Balls of Steel is building our wall! By the time the Dems figure out their leaders are fricking nuts and have been misleading and lying to them for years, it will be too late for our country. So, Trump & his supporters will take care of this until the libs catch up. You can thank us later.


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