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Mueller Report Summary: No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, Not Sufficient Evidence to Prosecute Obstruction of Justice
by Causes
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  • Charlotte
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    First, I trust Mueller's findings that Trump didn't seek to conspire with the Russians. I always viewed Trump as more of a 'useful idiot' (quite literally) because he isn't thoughtful or intelligent enough to plan such a scheme. Although the fact that Trump readily and gleefully sought and accepted their help should be just as much of a national security concern to the American public. The fact that a large segment of the population ignores this is worrisome. That being said, I don't trust that Barr's judgment was impartial and non-partisan on the obstruction of justice issue, given the self-professed sentiments Barr wrote to Trump regarding his views of scope of executive authority prior to his nomination. Barr should have recused himself. Further, I find it difficult to believe that Barr's opinion regarding the 22-month long investigation can be rendered accurately over the course of one weekend. If we want to uphold at least the appearance that we still live in a democracy, Mueller's report must be made available for congressional and public scrutiny.

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