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Mueller Report Summary: No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, Not Sufficient Evidence to Prosecute Obstruction of Justice
by Causes
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  • Adrienne

    45 is conspiring with Russia in every move he makes to strepRussia and weaken the United States. I have to ask and continue asking, what does he and Russia have on the Republican Party? Whatever it is, it must be huge to make them sell their souls and not protect our Democracy and that of our allies. The lies, the threats, the tweet attacks, the incompetence and unworthiness of him and his cabinet. The nepotism, the fact NO ONE knows what IVANKA and Jared are doing. They shouldn’t have a clearance or be near the secrets of this country. Trump is undermining decades of work going back beyond Franklin D Rosevelt. If you think we believe Trump didn’t conspire, didn’t seek help to win the election or didn’t obstruct justice you don’t know the majority of Americans! Also Russia in our politics, IVANKA buying voting machines from China, lifting sanctions on North Korea and Russia. You want us to believe 45 is working in America’s best interest...I think not. Keep the hearings going. Call Rosenstein, Mueller, Weissmann please don’t waste your time on Barr. Let’s get to the bottom of this. Why did Weissmann leave? How did the investigation end abruptly within weeks of 18 page Barr began his “stunt” (no typo) as AG. we want the unedited, i redacted report because this entire thing is suspicious! I’m not trusting or believing anything. We need the republicans to stop trying to derail the house hearings! Please educate the people. All they hear is the bully in the White House with the biggest microphone. They never hear from the democratic leadership except reacting to mess. President Obama has no scandals yet the Republicans lies on tv daily. How about you guys come on tell the truth. Thanks!!

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