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Mueller Report Summary: No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, Not Sufficient Evidence to Prosecute Obstruction of Justice
by Causes
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  • S.

    In sum, responding to your bullet points, it seems Barr forced the issue here. Apparently forced Mueller to pack up, but also sh’d not have forced himself to summarize so quickly. We are obviously not done with indictments. Jared & Ivanka are running around free, not to mention others. M is not done with Gates, and how can M’s shop be truly done with the reams of docs they have managed to secure? How do 500 subpoenas, only granted on likely provable grounds, come up with zip? Barr sh’d have given himself time. Kudos though to Barr for beefing up unit in DOJ responsible for dealing with foreign money with the appointment of Brandon Van Grack.

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