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Senate to Vote on 'Green New Deal' Next Week
by Causes
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  • John
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    The best we can hope for out of this legislation is to spark a conversation about our planet and the 99% of our citizens. What’s most likely to be sparked are shouting matches between “those who get it” and those who won’t. Your challenge (to my elected officials) is to find a way to move these ideas forward, to get your opposing counterparts to acknowledge the harm they’re doing to the majority of citizens of our country, and stop doing that. Further delay will increase the cost, and while I question the opposition’s cost estimates, there’s no doubt that it will be substantial. These problems won’t go away, we must live up to the creed that we are all created equal. In the flood of daily legislation submitted for your consideration, it must be very difficult to bear all this in mind, but you must train your brain to do just that - to consider the harm each piece of legislation does to the planet and us, and amend that legislation to care for all of us. Thank you.

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