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The Unequal Burden of Air Pollution
by Axios
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  • Jason

    What’s to do with this? Nothing at the moment. The study carries inaccuracies that should be better clarified. Firstly the study assumes that since white people are generally richer than minorities, we buy stuff that makes more pollutants. The study shouldn’t match affluence to race as it is just as likely a minority’s purchases will be similar as they become more affluent. Likewise a poor white person won’t buy these items because they lack the money to do so. Second, the study ties contamination to urban vs. non urban areas; areas around power plants located in urban areas are generally less affluent, but plants in non urban areas are not. That’s geographic, not racial. Third, urban areas contain much denser concentrations of buildings, cutting down air movement and creating stagnation. Non urban locations are more open to wind movements, so stagnation is nearly nonexistent and contamination is carried off until it dissipates or finds stagnation. Some environmental factors to consider.

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