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Appeals Court Upholds Ohio Law Blocking Public Funds for Abortion Providers
by Causes
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  • John
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    Yes, I value LIFE as a gift from God, belonging to God. Man may want to think he is God, but he is not. Abortion is in the vast majority of cases simply a form of birth control, ie, a way to get rid of an embarrassment, a "problem," an inconvenience, and most everyone that has a conscience knows that that is a truth somewhere deep inside them. It is simply legalized murder. I wonder how many of our representatives would support a law allowing for "aborting" representatives that they consider a "problem," even after they've "emerged" from their position of power in govt. And of course, those who pretend that it is simply a matter of choice don't like to be reminded of the fact that the child, and in many cases the father, is not being given a choice, which then simply leads to their trying to find ways to assuage their conscience by grabbing for all kinds of definitions of life that go way beyond the facts of what "alive" or "living" means. In any case, NO, I DO NOT SUPPORT GIVING MONEY TO THOSE THAT KILL INNOCENT BABIES.


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