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Should the U.S. Tax Robots?
by Causes
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  • Michael
    Voted Yes

    Seems like the corporation still wins since they no longer have to pay for healthcare insurance (a bizarre artifact of WWII), unemployment insurance, etc. With wealthy individuals already not paying their share of income tax, every additional federal funding gap is passed on equally disproportionately to the general populace who data shows have essentially zero ability to impact legislation due to our corrupt system of campaign finance and lobbying. It is automation, not globalization, that has reduced demand for traditional manufacturing jobs. This has been proven with data. We have a form of government that can only be described as Reverse Socialism. This is not because of Trump; Trump is a result of this system which really took hold when the Democrats - once the left - adopted the Clintonian strategy of drifting to the Center, essentially making both party Corporatists. But, it seems that finally we are OK with talking about pushing back against the New Robber Barons. It's likely due to the unprecedented corruption of the Trump administration. So, things had to bottom out to get better. The time is right for this sensible proposal.


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