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Do You Support Slavery Reparations?
by Causes
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  • Jennifer
    Voted Oppose

    1) Reparations were paid. It was in the form of bodies left on the battlefield from Gettysburg to Antietam. That was the ultimate in reparations. 2) How exactly do you decide who is the descendant and what apportion of funds they will receive, when indigenous tribes and blacks owned slaves also. Do we figure out how to exclude their descendants? 3) As a woman and a feminist, I am of the belief that women could then site historical harm from ALL men who got ahead in life at womens’ expense, so do we get reparations? 4) Where exactly do the proponents of this idea think we will get the funds to pay for this? So, NO, let’s stop doing the most damaging thing one could do to anyone, and that is to treat them like a victim.

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