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Do You Support Slavery Reparations?
by Causes
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  • Jeff
    Voted Oppose

    Oh yea notwiser. Being black is not a crime punishable by death by cop. And you don’t capitalize the W. Yes sometimes cops shoot black people. Sometimes they shoot white people. Some cops are bad just like in the rest of the world. But unless you being all wise no something I don’t know it’s not a crime to be black and it’s not punishable by death by cop. Yes I get it. It’s sarcasm. Stupid. When your talking about a serious subject or if you really want people to think your wise then you don’t talk like that. It makes you look dumb not wise. It’s kind of hard to take you seriously when everything you say is not real. You need to stop thinking of all these cute ways of making your invalid points and either learn some history or just think before you speak. Yea me too right. You tried to make a point but it’s not valid and lacks any context to the real world which I stated in 5 thousand words earlier in another post At least you have several like minded people that agree with your nonsense. In one sentence. Who gets to pick and choose out of all the people America has fucked over what countries or races we help and what ones do we say eh no not you. Mexicans are a great point. Why aren’t we giving them casinos.

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