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Paul Manafort Sentenced to 3.5 Additional Years in Prison - Should Trump Pardon Him?
by Causes
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  • Eva
    Voted No

    It is, in my fervent opinion, wrong not to punish Manafort to the full extent of the law, because 1. the leniency sets the stage for others to do the same and then get away with their crime, 2. how on earth can this man, or any person who has done what he did, not be guilty of wrongdoing? When I was studying psychology I came across studies of fraud and the overall consensus was that these persons had sociopathic tendencies, a booth within which I can easily place Manafort and several other cohorts connected with the Trump administration. I am amazed and saddened that the country has fallen so low that we are being ruled by criminals, cheaters and persons of no conscience. It is as if a veil of apathy has fallen over the population and rendered the people incapable reasonable thinking, a case one witnesses on a near daily basis, when devout Christians continue to support Trump and even consider him the new Messias. There was a time where the government went after the Mafia because of their criminal activities and the ones who got caught received severe punishments. We are today dealing with a similar brood of people, but instead of calling them the Mafia, we refer to them as corrupt "politicians", although their actions belong more within the business world, than on the political arena. Although I agree with Nancy Pelosi that talking about Trump regarding impeachment is just not worth it right now, I am still wondering how many more wrongdoings he has to commit before enough is enough!


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