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Trump to Ask Congress for $8.6 Billion in New Wall Funding as Part of 2020 Budget Proposal
by Axios
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  • Mary
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    People .... they HAVE been getting information from security at the border! They've been pleading for help till there blue in the face! I've seen so many agents speaking of how they've been trying to tell you, the American people and politicians, that they need walls in certain places that will deter drug lords, human trafficking, HR13, and all others. If we had more wall it would be our first line of defense and free up border patrols for other places. All the technology is good too. Nobody is saying get rid of that. But that alone does not work! It's our country's border for God sake. Are you that nieve to think everyone coming in are good people. Do you not think or even care that people who have come here legally are not insulted by someone that just can put one step on our soil can automatically get to come in here? Unlike them who have waited in line! With the caravans that came and more still coming, don't you think that's a little overwhelming for agents trying to keep up with it all? Do you honestly think that legal ports of entry are the only way illegal aliens, HR13 gangs, drugs and human trafficking are entering this country? Have you ever spoke to an angel family who's loved one has been killed by an illegal that's been deported several times but keeps sneaking back in? Which one of YOUR family members would you like to sacrifice when the next person is killed? Would you at the very least, seriously listen to the other side of the argument with an open mind and get more educated?

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