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Do You Support Trump’s Budget Request for $8.6 Billion in Wall Funding?
by Causes
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    Trump promised Mexico would pay. When Mexico said no he tried Congress. When Congress said no Trump shutdown the government taking Federal workers paychecks hostage. Trump opened the government with a threat of closing it again unless he gets funding for his useless wall. When that threat didn't work Trump declared a national emergency. Today 3200 pounds of cocaine came through New Jersey. Even if the wall was built it would not have stopped that shipment. The wall will make things worse. A lot of the people being deported were born here in the USA. The US southern border wasn't always at it current location California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington State,Texas were once parts of Mexico. When the US southern border was moved all those people in those areas were trapped here. Since they were born in those areas they had duel citizenship. At one time those people could go to Mexico vist with their families. People from Mexico would come here work then go home. That cannot happen now. ICE is making things worse deporting US born citizens. ICE deported a man born in North Carolina because they couldn't understand his Cajun accent. ICE almost deported a man born in the US to Jamaica because of mistaken identify. Someone at ICE finally looked at his birth certificate. ICE actually deported a US born Marine. During his move from one state to another he lost his paperwork. He would have been deported if someone he was deployed with hadn't recognized him.

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