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What Should the U.S. Do About the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border?
by Causes
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  • Sandra
    Voted No

    Build the wall. Reform immigration laws, NOW. Congress this is your job and you have been negligent for decades now playing politics using this crisis for political gain instead of doing your jobs. Stop blaming the President for all the tragedies, including sexual assaults, child trafficking, family separations (Ilhan Omar even spoke out against Obama for the caging of the children that were separated from their families this was during Obama’s administration), drug and fentanyl trafficking (Overdose deaths are higher than deaths from car crashes or gun violence at their peaks. The data also show that the increased deaths correspond strongly with the use of synthetic opioids known as fentanyls.). All these terrible things were happening under Obama and nobody cared. This is all about resisting Trump. So stop already and do your jobs. You are the ones responsible and the only ones that can stop the tragedies. You are the ones standing in the way and allowing this to go on and on for decades. Stop pretending that it is Trump’s fault. Approve the funding for the wall now. All these tragedies are your fault.


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