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This Week in Congress: Ending Trump’s Border Emergency & Calling for the Mueller Report to Be Public
by Causes
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  • Gingersnapsnmilk
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    We have a Republican senator Will Hurd who has the largest amount of land in his Tex district over 800 acres I believe , who says a wall won't solve the problems then I tend to believe him because he knows more than I do about the issue . He states technology is more important because they tunnel under walls. Building a wall is no magical solution to end the drug problems. Drugs come in mostly from legal ports of entry from mexico and from china via canada. We also have a vast majority of people addicted to legal drugs due to drs and big pharma being pill pushers. I get tired of hearing how immigration is an emergency but those same people deny gun violence is a real emergency. This whole objection from Republicans is simply because the Dems took the house and Rep are no longer able to control everything and they know if they don't bow down to Trump then they could be out the door. NO WALL. I don't think we have to have Muellers report public but we do need the congress to all be informed whats on the report.

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