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Democrats Advance Bill Requiring $15 an Hour Minimum Wage to House Floor
by Causes
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  • godquestion
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    Do people not realize that EVERY SINGLE TIME the minimum wage is raised, the prices for good and services goes up? This doesn't work! What is it going to take to get people to realize that all this does in contribute to higher inflation? And yet, as I look, I see that, at the time of this comment, 70% of respondents think this is a good idea. Please think things through more completely. Would I like people to make more money? Absolutely. But this is not the way to do it. When you raise minimum wages, two things happen EVERY.....SINGLE....TIME... One, prices go up and essentially negate the wage increase. Second, small businesses go out of business because they are running on such thin margins that this capsizes the boat they're barely keeping afloat in and then, which then results in fewer small businesses and higher unemployment. Quit being so short-sighted and realize that actions have consequences and facts don't care about your feelings. This is an emotional decision, which is that absolute worst criterion to base policy on.

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