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Paul Manafort Sentenced to 3.5 Additional Years in Prison - Should Trump Pardon Him?
by Causes
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  • Joseph
    Voted No

    Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are our adversaries. When you think of our great country before party-politics it is painfully obvious that the Trump administration is guilty of treason and is trying to obstruct Mueller's and the SDNU’s investigations into the Trump administration's collusion with the Kremlin, who successfully corrupted our 2016 Presidential election process. Trump is obviously a Kremlin asset. It is time to begin the impeachment of Donald Trump and imprisonment of all who are involved, including Donald Trump and his crime family. Please focus on this until completion. This is critical since we failed to maintain a democratic election process by allowing foreign agents to interfere and also spread propaganda through many forms of media; especially social media. All other legislation must cease until Americans have a legitimate President. Please restore democracy in America first, then we can return to governing this great country.

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