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An 8-Year-Old Migrant Has Died in U.S. Custody on Christmas Day
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  • Martha
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    The way trump and the Sessions and homeland security speak of the people coming to our border, most of them, now, fleeing danger, not just coming as immigrants, .... is that they have a "choice." They are shocked when they get to the border and are separated from their children. They are not watching CNN or Fox or reading the NYT, so they aren't aware of the separation policy. THEY are not putting their children in danger -- quite the opposite -- they are trying to get their children OUT OF danger. It is WE who are putting their children in danger ... physical danger and lifelong psychological danger of trauma/trust issues, even of their parents .... if they even get to see their parents again! This makes me furious and sick, that my government is doing this in MY/OUR names. That's not what America stands for .... and asylum laws REQUIRE us to take people in danger. WE are breaking the law.


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