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Democrats Advance Bill Requiring $15 an Hour Minimum Wage to House Floor
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  • PhilAlban
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    $15/hr isn't good enough. Dems and Repubs have held back any real COLA adjustments to the minimum wage for far too long. $15/hr translates to roughly $31k per year *if it were for a 40-hour work week*, but minimum wage is never paid out that way. It's *still* too low to be a survivable wage and was a compromise when it was introduced almost 5 years ago. $20/hr in a part-time/gig economy is closer to a livable wage, so the 15/hr wage had better have a scheduled progression to $20/hr within 3 years, or this proposal worthless grandstanding. Where I live in NJ, $20/hr would be barely enough to pay for rent on a 2-br apt., much less feed and pay medical bills for any family.

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