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Do You Support Automatic Voter Registration?
by Causes
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  • Jodi
    Voted No

    No do not vote for this bill. It is a flawed bill. It where voter fraud can be very rampant. Anyone can register and vote on line with no way to verify who is registering and there is a chance of hacking. People knows when elections are and can go register anytime before Election Day so no same day registration. We also need to include at the polling place or mail in voter ballots in the language people speak that if they vote illegally, they will get prosecuted and deported right away. When they have in this bill to protect ineligible voters who were mistakenly registered from prosecution and voted. Again voter fraud. This is how Democrats are stealing elections. Also this is what Stacy Abrams wanted illegals and undocumented people to be counted. We need to eliminate any states that has ballot harvesting as this is also rip for voter fraud. We need voter ID to be able to vote everywhere. No one should be hinder or intimidate from voting like I feel the black panther did standing in front of a voting poll place under Obama election if I remember right in Chicago Vote no


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