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Trump: ‘America Will Never Be a Socialist Country’ – Do You Share Trump’s Aspiration?
by Causes
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  • Ready4Revolution

    Every phrase uttered by that imbecile Trump is garbage, case in point, McCarthyism 2.0. The best presidents this country has ever had implemented social safety nets, paid for by tax dollars, to lift our people up. If most of our money didn't already go to the military in order to kill human beings and protect coveted oil supplies abroad, we too could have great social services like every other developed country in this world. I would rather have a wealthy government that took care of its people than have every aspect of our lives privatized: health insurance, hospitals, schools, retirement. The people are angry. Wealth disparity in this country is at an all time high. Hard working people deserve better than what we are getting: the crumbs that drop from a billionaire's table. Enough.


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