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Do the EPA, IRS and Smithsonian Need So Many Guns?
by Causes
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  • Matthew.James
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    The IRS, EPA? They need millions of dollars worth of weopons and ammunition for what? Protection against unruly tax filers? Or unruly anti environmentalist? Sounds like federal ammosexual. But if they absolutely need this much fire power then hell yes they should inform the american people as to why the need to spend taxpayers money to purchase them. Keep is informed or you'll have those who will start spreading rumors of conspiracy theories that the Boogeyman (Dems) are trying to take away their precious gun when getting ready to conduct marshal law. Lord knows we don’t need more of the fear based propaganda that our constitution unfortunately protects. Please spare us the ignorant ranting the conspirators of the right regurgitate. Inform us. We truly want to know


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