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Cory Booker Re-Introduces the Marijuana Justice Act in Congress
by High Times
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  • Sharon
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    It cost $1000.00 a month to have my Intrathecal Pain Pump Filled with Fentanyl. I have a really screwed up spine. I have NO Spinous Process in my neck or Lumbar. T-10 & 11 are trying to work through the skin. I recently gave up oxycodone at a huge price. So I did what I had to do and it made all the difference. I Live in Texas. It is taking on a Purple tint. But as maybe 70% of you know, I’m surrounded by the Original Rednecks. They think they know everything, so seemingly few are educated. Even if they went to school. And they continue holding on to the old west and because there are many Republicans. Texas will never be the “California” Power House that it desires. They won’t open their minds. Greg Abbot Our Governor, is perfectly Okay describing TX as “Second only to California” California 2.75 TRILLION Texas 1.6 Trillion L.A. County 1.8 Trillion Legalize Marijuana, maybe that’ll get Texas Closer to the economy it desires. It would be advantageous to many Texans of both parties. Frankly, The Country is damn tired of the Criminals on the hill and the MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS $$$ WE HAVE TO SPEND FINDING OUT WHO & WHAT Republicans are screwing, cheating or lying about THIS WEEK #IMPEACH #Trump #Gaetz #Jr #Ivanka #Flynn #Gates #Kushner #Eric #MUELLER #Manafort #Zinke #Pruitt #et al #et al #ad_infinitum

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