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Oregon Backs Switch to National Popular Vote Model – Is It Time to Eliminate the Electoral College?
by Causes
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  • Christina
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    It's been twice in recent years that the Electoral College has silenced the voice of the American People by ignoring the popular vote. It made sense at the time when it was initially created due to how slow information traveled as well as education. In today's world, you have access to information at your fingertips to do research on the candidate that would best serve the people’s interest instead of just the rich and corporate entities. Right now the Electoral College which was meant to be in place to keep dictators like Trump out of office has let him in. He has been attacking the American people with his policies, sending the US down the path of self-destruction by encouraging hate, willful ignorance. Please do the right thing and let the voice of the people be heard and let this old process die. Our Forefathers did not foresee phones, the internet, or smart devices ergo this doesn't take the technology of today to account.


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