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Who’s to Blame for High Drug Prices?
by Causes
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  • HistoryVet101
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    Trying to unravel the "blame game" as to who is responsible for high drug prices will be time consuming and may result in a discovery that multiple parties are to blame. A remedy, if not THE remedy, is much simpler. Congress needs to change the law which prohibits the re-importation of U.S. made meds back from Canada (and Switzerland, and Australia, and Germany, and the U.K. etc.). Currently U.S. pharma companies are allowed to charged MUCH higher prices in the U.S. for drugs than they do in other countries that they ship to. The excuse is that it is necessary for them to make excess profits at the expense of sick people in the U.S. in order for the pharma companies to recoup their R&D costs. Gotta call BS on that excuse. Congress, let us buy our prescribed drugs in trustworthy countries that can provide those drugs at the lowest price. Then the prices in the U.S. will come down.

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