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Does the FTC Need to ‘Hold Facebook Accountable’ for Kids’ In-Game Purchases?
by Causes
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  • Zelda w
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    The heart of the problem is the failure of parents in the home. Not Facebook. Facebook should not be held accountable for kids in-game purchases, the parent should be. There seems to be little parental responsibility for discipline. Children are allowed to go wild. Many parents do not realize that they are responsible for their children’s mental and spiritual growth and character building, as well as for feeding and clothing them. If parents fail, God is going to hold them responsible. First, take time with your children. Your children not only require a great deal of your time, but they long and hunger for it. Perhaps they do not express it, but the hunger and longing are there just the same. Love them; spend hours with them. Cut out some of your so-called “important social engagements” and make your home the center of your social life. God will honor you, and your children will grow up to call you blessed (see Proverbs 31:28). Second, give your children ideals for living. Teach them moral and spiritual principles of life. Show them that only the morally and spiritually right attain genuine satisfaction in life. plan activities for your children. Plan things together as a family. Make the home so interesting and delightful that your children will want to stay home; then they will never miss the things that so many young people are engaged in for thrills. Christ is the answer to teenage delinquency. Christ in the home, in the lives of the parents, is the only permanent solution to the menacing teenage social problems in America. Parent Police their kids not Facebook.


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