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Do You Support a Soda Tax?
by Causes
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  • Dartagnon
    Voted Oppose

    Find out if it works ... what about sales tax? You going to eliminate that or is this another Marijuana Tax? In California the taxing emphasis is on Marijuana and soda supports that so we leave soda alone. I guess it just depends on how much the State wants to make off its citizens. Here in California we pay 10c for a 16oz water bottle that MIGHT get us 1c at the recycle plant. Water is $1.99 case but the Bottle tax is $3.50. Are taxes getting JUST TOO CRAZY and when will it stop if we don't put our feet down NOW! In Sweden they pay 95% income tax but the gov't pays for everything. Here we are taxed MUCH HIGHER when you consider the recycle tax, the gas tax, the federal gas tax, marijuana has FIVE TAXES ON IT from local to state. Fortunately the Fed's don't bother to tax it ... Trump is making PLENTY on his TAX CUTS!! Which was another indirect TAX on us ALL through higher pollution, higher medical bills, more weather anomalies. Ridding the country of Trump would be the BEST STEP POSSIBLE. To show the governors that they cannot stick us with more and more taxes when they are already taking everything we have. This is nuts! But Trump does it with his TAX CUTS so the governors think they can screw us on soda tax ... ludicrous.


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