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How Do the Rich Pay Taxes? Is the Current Tax System Fair?
by Causes
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  • Jessie
    Voted No

    The current tax law needs to be changed. The corporate tax rate needs to be increased. Our children and grandchildren will end up paying for the debt ran up by the Trump administration giving tax cuts to people and corporations that did not need more money in the first place. Companies have done stock buybacks instead of increasing wages. The current tax law took away deductions from hard working people and gave tax breaks to billionaires on things like a tax break on jets, the inheritance tax, and reducing their overall tax rate. Even athletes and musical artists were hit by senseless changes. How can you require someone who has an agent to pay taxes on the money they pay the agent. On top of that, the agent then pays taxes on the same money. You are taxing an expense. There are a lot of things that need to changed. This society is based on consumerism. If the middle class and poor don’t have disposable income and a descent quality of life the entire system collapses. Greed only destroys. That’s not Dem nor Rep, that’s the facts.

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