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Andrew Wheeler Has Shown He Can Run the EPA. Here’s What He’s Achieved.
by The Daily Signal
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  • Jakson
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    It’s not a perfect, all encompassing answer but it focuses on freeing American citizens and entrepreneurs from overburdening regulations. Yes we need to conserve the environment but there are many ways we need to go about it. Destroying the automobile industry for this sake of limiting fossil fuels would cause immediate and long term harm. The industry is on its way down but that’s the business owners problem to face. The government shouldn’t artificially put it down while advocating more environmental consciousness. If raising the consciousness, and conserving the environment is the goal that requires regulating then we should be regulating the methane resulting from mass cattle farming as it has a significantly larger impact on the ozone layer than sources of transportation. American government is founded on representation, and bureaucratic commissions take away the direct line of authority from the people to congress, and smother it with self regulating bureaucracy. Although we need experts in today’s technologically advanced world, they ought to not be allowed free reign over regulating our nation and individuals.


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