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Report: Hate Group Count Hits 20-Year High Amid Rise in White Supremacy
by Causes
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  • Gale
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    Anyone who doesn't acknowledge the rise of hate is either lying or hasn't been paying attention. More Americans have been killed by right wing hate groups and Trump groupies during the Trump administration than by Muslim terrorists. But you don't see an outcry from the administration regarding white supremacists as there was about Muslims. Statistics show that immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than American citizens. But Trump himself calls hispanic refugees criminals and rapists using isolated cases as evidence. What about all the citizens who have raped and killed? The administration finds it acceptable to lock up children and tear babies from their mother's arms because they are Hispanics seeking asylum. The last time we thought that was OK was when slavery was legal. It was once considered unacceptable to express prejudice publicly, but since the Trump campaign and presidency, that has changed. Ordinary citizens seem to feel free to express the most hateful comments to anyone they see as "different". If Trump can do it, why shouldn't they? Hate groups like the KKK and Nazis are waving their flags proudly now rather than hiding in the shadows. Anti-semitism is on the rise as is racism. And Trump has cheered it all on or given his tacit approval. Isn't it strange that Trump, who commented on every incident of Muslim terrorism that happened anywhere in the world, had virtually nothing to say when an American white supremacist and Trump supporter was caught plotting mass killings? (Republicans didn't have anything to say either.) What about when Trump equated the white supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville with those who came out to protest them? We are travelling a dangerous path where hatred and prejudice can make even horrendous cruelty and violence seem acceptable. Nazi Germany learned that the hard way. For those who think it can't happen here, I've got news for you, it's already started in exactly the same way it started in Nazi Germany. Read about it and learn.


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