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Is Sixteen Too Young to Vote?
by The Daily Dose
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  • Alan
    Voted Yes

    There is only one reason this is even being suggested...old white men. I read a story before the midterms, that some wanted old white men, such as myself, to no longer be able to vote. Why is that? Because we vote conservative most of the time. We are what is keeping this country from becoming a communist country. In ten years, we will probably not have those votes anymore, since many will die of old age. The legal age in most areas to be able to buy a pistol is 21. Some areas have raised to age to purchase tobacco products to 21. The age to purchase alcohol is 21. A good portion of 18-21 year old people that join the military are only good for two things, following orders and stopping bullets. The idea of allowing 16 year old kids to vote, is an attempt to counter the votes of us old white men, to change this country to a communist country sooner than later.

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