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The DC: Lowering the voting age to 16, and... 🛑 Should Congress block Trump's emergency order?
by Causes
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  • Jeremy

    Wow everyday seems to be a new lesson in Civics and American Government. Why?, because most people including myself don't fully understand what the national emergency causes. It grants POTUS powers to use funds, etc to combat against a threat to human health and safety. So, in this case he is using the influx of drugs etc crossing the border as the threat? but this comes at the cost to many different agencies etc who have to expend allocated funds used else where to provide toward this "threat". I don't agree with the route, but it seems Congress doesn't want to support anything POTUS want to do, so in ways he used the powers granted to bypass them. In the end I don't think Congress shouldn't take to overturn this, instead try to remedy this situation by finishing the wall... or whatever that can stop this emergency. There are better places that need attention instead of this. In regards to the 16 voting age I disagree because it implies lowering age of consent. That use of the word consent can be used in many different situation, one of which allows pedophilia to exist almost unchecked. If the age changed to 16, does the drinking age lower also?? Are they allowed to join the military? Pay taxes filing as sole members, which parent can no longer account for them as dependents?? These are the questions I have when considering a 16 year old voting... I mean also a sophomore from high school voting on policies that can effect people way older then them is kinda scary situation when still learning their academics.

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