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FDA Chief: Feds Might Intervene If States Don’t Change Lax Vaccine Laws
by Causes
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  • Eva
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    I am a m other of four children, now grown persons. When they were small the three oldest were vaccinated, but when I went to live in the Netherlands in 1970, my youngest did not get his vaccination because our military said that since measles had been eradicated, there was no longer any need. Well, that might have been true in the US of A, but that was not the case in the Netherlands, the result of which my youngest child, then five years old, in 1974 caught the measles from his Dutch playmate. I shall never forget the look in his eyes, when he asked me if he was going to die. His fever had reached 104 F and the only thing I could do was giving him cold baths throughout the night until the fever broke. Luckily he was not yet enrolled in school, so he didn't infect any of the other American children. I believe that parents who do not want their children to get vaccinations are playing with their children's lives and they must not do that. Parents must remember that we do not have children so we can call them our own. Since we are merely caretakers of the next generation, we must provide them with the bests possible reating and guidance, while keeping them protected from any unnecessary harm, especially when that harm could be deadly.

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