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The Left Wants to Transform Our Election System. It’s a Recipe for 1-Party Rule.
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  • Glowurm
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    Bullshit! This may seem radical, but so are the means the Repugnants have taken (starting many years ago) to control the votes! Something must be done! And Countable, where are the questions about the Dump’s wanting to give Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons? How can we even think about giving nuclear weapons to a dictator who has never been a friend of ours. Remember 9/11? How many billions, personally, would he and get Jared get for this fiasco? We have no need to give nuclear weapons to anyone EVER! There are already enough out there to destroy the entire world with. THE DUMP IS A TRAITOR! I am scared to death knowing that the nuclear codes are in his hands. No one as volatile as he is should ever have access to these codes! And why have we heard nothing about Nancy Pelosi‘s daughter submitting a bill regarding the removal of big money from our politics? It seems Nancy will not let it come to the floor. Why is that Nancy? Is it because your bottom line will be affected? And you don’t want that to a a matter of record? As an Independent, I am appalled! IS THERE NO ONE OUT THERE WHO WILL STOP THIS MADNESS? UNBELIEVABLY, I FEAR NOT!

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