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16 States Join CA Lawsuit Against Trump’s Emergency Order – Do You Want Your State to Join?
by Causes
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  • Skeeter
    Voted No

    Nothing is fair in this country today. If you break the law I truly believe if you tell the authorities your a left wing democrat, you will not be prosecuted and you will be set free. Now the opposite will happen if you say your a Republican especially a conservative republican. Then you just might get life for jay walking. I also believe we would have seen that unfairness if Obama or Hilary had done this. Nobody would care ( no lawsuits ) but because Trump is hated by so many on the left, for doing a fantastic job for all Americans, that they all will do anything and everything to stop him from doing good for the people. The barrier isn’t for him, he really couldn’t care less, he’s secure where ever he is. He’s doing it for the people who want it, like me.


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