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Should Saturday Night Live Be ‘Looked Into’ for Mocking Trump?
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  • Tony
    Voted Yes

    Well, the Corporate Controlled Liberal Propaganda Media, with the BLESSINGS of filthy Socialist Liberals (formerly the Democratic party) are using all forms of media to undermine Republicans and our Constitutional Republic. Like the Fascist NAZI propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, people like Schumer and Pelosi promote the trash that is being pumped into the weak minded liberals around our country. The JUSSIE SMOLLETT racist attack HOAX should be an indication of where the degenerate left stands. In the mind of a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, FICTION is FACT and everything you see or hear from the media is REALITY. This is the way people Pelosi, Schumer, Gillibrand and Rep. Maloney want it! They spoon feed us HORSE CRAP and try to tell us it's the truth! What kind of DEGENERATE would do that to the people they are supposed to look after and represent?


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