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"Can he do that?" Trump's emergency declaration freaks people out
by The Daily Dose
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  • Dennis
    Voted No

    The National Emergency is on this side of the wall not the Mexico side. We have 12 million undocumented people on the US side of any wall. Either offer a path to citizenship, pay a fine, submit to criminal background check and let them stay. But E Verify should be the law of the land and it would end this so called emergency before the President raids billions of dollars on border security. Both parties should be offering solutions to our immigration problem instead of fighting over border funding. If both parties do not agree to E Verify as the law of the land, I have to blame both parties. It is irresponsible to not have employers in the United States abide our employment laws. Why are both sides of the aisle looking the other way like we don't have a problem with the hiring of undocumented workers? Minus comprehensive immigration reform, both parties have a responsibility to enforce our employment laws. Require E Verify for all employers. Evaluate what this does to eliminate illegal border crossings. Then see if spending billions on a border wall are still necessary. But who has the political courage to introduce a bill to get this moving? Offer solutions before this is settled by the Supreme Court. E Verify is a common sense solution. Will you introduce it?

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