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"Can he do that?" Trump's emergency declaration freaks people out
by The Daily Dose
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  • Fineartbyjamie
    Voted No

    I truly believe that 45 is making a mockery of our checks and balances. He admits he doesn’t need to declare a state of emergency but chooses to do so anyway. He is making our congress look foolish because they continue to try to work within the constitutional boundaries clearly drawn to stop any megalomaniac with a following from abusing the power of one of the strongest free nations on our planet. I don’t care what political party you hail from if you have a modicum of respect for our nation, our constitution, or the people whose rights are being trampled to death then it’s time to rise up and speak out against this tyrant. Make no mistake, that is exactly what he has become, a tyrant who will do as he pleases without regard for the very system he claims to protect. To my GOP congressman all I have to say is this; DO YOUR JOB and stop being a yes man.


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