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Do You Support a Ban on High-Capacity Gun Magazines?
by Causes
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  • defrisselle

    There should be no restriction on arms as laid out in the Constitution This incident and others like it are failures of our law enforcement systems, schools, and mental healthcare system That is where we should be focusing our efforts The Stoneman Douglas shooter was neglected by his school Which in concert with local LEO saw that he was never arrested for the many domestic incidents they were called to at his home The school failed to act on a filed request by the SRO and two counsellors to have him court ordered for an involuntary mental evaluation His school expelled him for an incident for something other schools would have called LEO in addition The FBI failed to investigate properly on two tips From a young age this budding sociopath never got any mental healthcare Never even had a case worker from what I've read That would have helped him through his mother's death, maybe even that would have stopped the shooting This most recent shooting a couple of days ago was another failure of the background check system There are likely other failure that are yet to be known The Texas Church Shooter was failed by the Air Force They failed to report is felony arrest for domestic assaults, failed in his treatment, failed to secure him in treatment then just passed him off to civilian life without giving him a dishonorable discharge Their failures allowed him to purchase four guns in two states Thankfully a locals were able to stop him from killing everyone in the church Sandyhook, another failure of mental healthcare and parental neglect Prohibitions don't work Determined individuals won't stop Criminals don't obey laws Laws can only punish Don't punish me for behaving Fix our LEO systems, like reporting to the NCIC database Rebuild and fix our Mental Healthcare System Medicating people and sending them home isn't working Get our schools back to educating and not being Social Services Centers Kids that need treatment shouldn't be there There are too many on medications, a good many of which their parents don't properly administer or they use it for themselves or sell the pills We have a failure of Societal Institutions and people, it's not the tool


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