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"Can he do that?" Trump's emergency declaration freaks people out
by The Daily Dose
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    While people may not want to hear it, it is true. They find a way to justify saying it’s wrong by saying things like “well drugs mostly come across where there’s no port of entry” or “they use tunnels, they don’t drive it across the border.” What these people are literally saying is patently false or we wouldn’t have drug sniffing dogs at the border and wouldn’t catching people with modified cars with hidden compartments and wouldn’t be taking x rays of cars to see if there’s hidden spots in cars to find drugs. What they don’t want to say is that they just will not support literally anything Trump wants to do. I’m convinced at this point Trump could say hey, everyone doesn’t pay taxes this year, and they’d say no, I love my taxes and they make America function. LIKE MY TAKE? GIVE ME A FOLLOW

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